Hen do planning

Hello loves,

A post that I am super excited to be writing, hen do planning is well underway. After a lot of thought and recommendations I finally decided that my destination of choice is Brighton. I’ve never been and what persuaded me to go there is the day time activities as well as the good night life, it has a really good balance and the thought of fresh sea air when we’re all hanging sounds amazing.


There are 11 of us going, so at the moment we’re looking at renting a full apartment that sleeps us all in. I’ve been told the only part of the hen do I can be involved in is the transport and accommodation, after that they’re chucking me out of the group chat and I won’t know anything they’re planning, which is a very scary thought.

I cannot believe how quick this year is going, I feel so unprepared for the wedding but at the same time I can’t think of anything else to book at the moment. It’s a busy time of our lives at the moment and although it’s stressful I am really determined to enjoy every minute.

I’ll be sure to update you on the next exciting wedding related project!

Tori Moore xoxo



4 Years Strong..

Hey guys,

On 1st June my fiancé, Jake and I celebrated being together for 4 years. I’m not going to act as if it’s been a breeze of a relationship and that we’ve never had an argument, (I see way too much of that shit on my Facebook newsfeed), because it wouldn’t be true. We’ve been though a hell of a lot in these 4 years, and a lot more than people would realise. Me and Jake got together after knowing each other for 1 week and a lot of people pronounced us doomed before it even started, I’m just so glad we made it work through all the rubbish times.

We are now in the best position we’ve ever been in, we’re homeowners and getting married in less than a year and I honestly believe we’re happier than we’ve been, even if these past few months have been SUPER stressful.

Some people may find it silly that we celebrate anniversaries like this but it’s really important to us that we celebrate the good times whenever we can, any excuse to buy each other presents and have a posh meal out.

Fingers crossed we have many more years together,

Tori Moore xoxo




Wedding Update #3

440 days to go! The past couple of weeks have been super exciting in Wedding world, we’ve gotten so much finalised and I also had another Wedding dress fitting. My dress is being made from scratch but there is another one which is really similar that I try on. I don’t want to give anything away about the dress but I absolutely love it and it’s nothing like what I thought I’d choose. It’s been soo long since my last fitting that I almost forgot what the dress looked like, but it did not disappoint, I just cannot wait to see mine once it’s been made (which will be on my August appointment).

The save the dates are out too, they are absolutely amazing and I’m so happy with the way they came out. I’ve received so many text messages over the past week with compliments from other people too. What I love best is that it doesn’t give away too much about the big day, its relatively neutral and thats what I thought was best, it leaves a lot to the imagination as to what the Wedding will be like.

The final update is that I’ve bought my bridesmaid dresses, they’ve been bought online and are due to be delivered next week so I’m really looking forward to seeing them in real life. I’ve sent pictures to my bridesmaid’s and they absolutely love them which is always a bonus, there is quite a few adjustments I want to make to them, but thats the bonus of having an amazing dress maker.

Thanks for reading,

Tori Moore xoxo

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Wedding Update

Hello guys,

467 days to go until our big day! I’ve completed a lot of Wedding tasks recently and thought I’d put up a post on what’s been going on. In the past two weeks I’ve been able to book entertainment, arrange and design our cake, and pick our florist. Considering I had no idea of a theme this time a few months ago I have now pretty much decided on colours and designs for the main parts to the Wedding. Everyone said before the planning started that you’ll get to a stage where everything will fall into place, I’m hoping that stage will come soon because I am super indecisive and must have changed my mind with designs about 747363 times! The most recent task we have confirmed is the save the dates, we ordered and paid for them last week and I cannot wait to get them out to our guests, they’re absolutely beautiful.

The next task to tick off my list is another dress appointment, I’m getting mine made by a family friend who knows exactly what type of dress will be perfect for me, which is what I need because, as I said before, I am SOO indecisive. My next appointment is to measure out the fabric and get it ordered. I’m super excited to be able to see the fabric again and see what the designs are shaping up to look like. I’ve also got to book a videographer and get my bridesmaid dresses sorted, I have four bridesmaid and two flower girls, I’m 99% sure on colours but want to make sure the girls are happy with what look I’m going for as the most important thing to me is that they’re comfortable and happy.

I looked on my Timehop a couple of days ago and it showed a text conversation between me and my Mum a year ago today, it was about meeting up and getting the plans underway as we decided 2017 was the year we wanted to get married. I can’t believe what we’ve sorted out since then, every time I think about our Wedding I get butterflies. I can already tell it is going to be the most amazing day of our lives!

Hope you enjoyed the update, let me know if you have any tips to control the stress whilst wedding planning!

Tori Moore xoxo

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Our big day..

496 days to go until I marry the love of my life. I’ve figured this would be a good starting post as I’m sure there will be many more posts to come between now and the big day. So, for the basics…

We got engaged on 11th June 2014 on holiday with our friends, we’d been together just over two years. It was in the evening during the Turkish sunset and of course I answered yes! We’d spoken about engagement briefly in the past but it was never something I was expecting, especially with how well he had planned it out.

At the start of 2015 we decided 2017 was going to be the year we tie the knot, it didn’t take us long to find a venue. We didn’t go in with a specific idea however when we entered Southwood Hall we instantly knew this is where we wanted to get married. It’s a gorgeous converted barn with space to get married outside, providing the weather is ok on the day. It has some gorgeous accommodation and the general vibe of the place was absolutely perfect.

The wedding process so far has been super overwhelming, there is so much to take into account when booking a wedding and picking the right people for the job is so difficult! Neither me or Jake had any idea when it came to a theme for the wedding and to be honest we’ve only just decided on what look we’re going for.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit more about where we are with our plans for the big day. There will be many more wedding blog posts to come as I’m making yet more difficult decisions, all I know is that I am SOO grateful to have my bridal party and Mum to help me along the way, do not know what I’d do without them!

Would love to hear your wedding tips if you have any,

Tori Moore xoxo

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Blogging has begun..

Blogging is one of these things that I’ve loved the concept of but never thought it was something I was capable of doing, there is only one way to find out and that’s by giving it a go. So I’m Vicky and welcome to my blog! You may be confused as to the difference in names from both this blog and my actual name, since a very young age I was always nicknamed ‘Tori Moore’ by my Dad and when dwelling on what to call this blog I felt like it was the perfect name to roll with.

Just to give you an idea of whether this will be your cup of tea or not, on this page you’ll find posts on crafts, beauty, candles (because, who doesn’t love candles), fashion, skin care, reviews and I’m pretty sure there will be a few random posts as well. Most importantly, in 2017 I’m getting married and even though its over a year away I am totally overwhelmed by the planning process. I was planning to write a few posts on what has helped me with the planning and just general wedding chat and tips.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @vickykennedyx or @torimooreblogs.

Tori Moore xoxo