Hen do planning

Hello loves,

A post that I am super excited to be writing, hen do planning is well underway. After a lot of thought and recommendations I finally decided that my destination of choice is Brighton. I’ve never been and what persuaded me to go there is the day time activities as well as the good night life, it has a really good balance and the thought of fresh sea air when we’re all hanging sounds amazing.


There are 11 of us going, so at the moment we’re looking at renting a full apartment that sleeps us all in. I’ve been told the only part of the hen do I can be involved in is the transport and accommodation, after that they’re chucking me out of the group chat and I won’t know anything they’re planning, which is a very scary thought.

I cannot believe how quick this year is going, I feel so unprepared for the wedding but at the same time I can’t think of anything else to book at the moment. It’s a busy time of our lives at the moment and although it’s stressful I am really determined to enjoy every minute.

I’ll be sure to update you on the next exciting wedding related project!

Tori Moore xoxo



My Travel Plans..

Hey my sweets,

I’ve never thought much of travelling, I think it’s because I’ve always been lucky enough to go all around the world on holiday with my family so I felt I’d been pretty well travelled already, but recently I cannot get the idea of interrailing out of my head. It’s a train service that has stations all the way around Europe. There is not one city in Europe that I’ve been to and disliked and all the other places I’d like to travel to are all on the train route so this seems like the perfect option for me.


Obviously I am getting married next year and this isn’t something I’m looking to do in the immediate future but I have done a lot of research into it and It’s something I would really love to do before having children. The pass I’m looking to get is priced at €200, and it’s a global ticket.

I have had a look at all the different stations and as much as I’d love to visit every single one, I just don’t think thats realistic. A few of the places I’d really like to visit are Amsterdam, Budapest, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin and Venice (because it’s my favourite place to visit in the whole world).


This is a popular route that I found online, I’d prefer to go further into Italy than this route shows but other than that – it’s perfect!

What do you think of travelling? Is it something you’d like to do?

Thanks for reading,

Tori Moore xoxo