Home Decor – Spring 2017

Hello lovlies,

Ever since we’ve moved into our new apartment I have taken such an interest into home decor. With Spring on it’s way, I thought there would be no better way to welcome it than to do a blog post on some dream products that I dream to add to my living area. All the items I have written about below are from Arhaus.com – check out their living room page, it’s guarantee to inspire you – https://www.arhaus.com/furniture/living-room-furniture/?icn=main-living&ici=nav-living

From my wardrobe full of clothes to my make up looks, I love monochrome and I think that when it comes to home decor, monochrome looks very classy and on trend. However, I have an incredibly bubbly personality and I like that to reflect in my home decor for when my friends and family come over. See below for my top picks from Arhaus.com, following my dream of monochrome, with pops of colour.

I think this sofa is my favourite product I’ve added to this post. Not only is it the most gorgeous peachy pink colour – it’s also a crushed velvet material and that texture really adds something extra to the room.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 20.46.19

Another trend that I am loving is metals. Any metal from copper to gold, however it is important that you stick to one metal in a room, if you have silver, copper and gold all in one room it can look really strange. This table is perfect, it fits in so nice with the sofa and brings a touch of contemporary to the room.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 20.46.30

I believe that what really makes a house a home, is wall art. Now these won’t be to everyones taste however I have completely fallen in love with these gorgeous art pieces. They really mix in well with the monochrome trend, yet are just mesmerising to look at.

Finally – this candle is so up my street, I have a very similar ornament to this at home and it is a piece that everyone comments on when they walk through the door, it is such a unique piece and adds a bit of grunge to the decor.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 20.45.51

Let me know what home decor trends that you’re loving at the moment!

Thanks for reading,

Tori Moore xoxo

OOTD – Summer casual

Hey guys,

As some of you will know, here in the UK we don’t have a solid Summer. It can be blasting sun and heat one minute and the next we’ll be soaked by heavy rain. Even on the brightest of days I still don’t have much confidence in the weather to go out in shorts or vest tops.

I thought I’d do a little OOTD post with an outfit I’ve been leaning towards a lot recently in this crazy bipolar weather. It’s super comfortable, affordable and a casual day-to-day outfit choice.

Top – Primark £13ish (They also do it in other colours like pink)

Jeans – Topshop Joni Black ripped jeans £38

Shoes – Schuh own brand slip on £25

Bag – Accessorise (Not available anymore)

Sunglasses – ASOS Quay Australia (Not available anymore)

Necklace – Kit Heath £60

Thanks for reading,

Tori Moore xoxo




Spring/Summer shoe wishlist

Hey beauties,

Payday was this week and of course I’ve found myself on Asos nearly everyday since. I’ve now developed a wish list of about £1000 and after looking through it I’ve realised the majority of it is shoes. I just thought I’d share a few pairs I’m looking to buy, the weather here in England at the moment is so hit and miss. I’m hoping that soon the sun will start to show and I’ll be able to spend my days in some gorgeous summer shoes.

Rose gold flat shoes

Everything about these shoes excites me so much! The pointed toes, strap around the ankle and obviously the rose gold colour. They’re a very reasonable price of £29 and I think they’re a real statement piece in my wardrobe. If you haven’t noticed yet, I really like a simple outfit with accessories and footwear that turn it around.


Pastel pink Toms

I haven’t owned a pair of Toms in a couple of years and I have no idea why not. They have some lovely designs and they’re the most comfortable Summer shoes I have ever worn. Pastel pink is a huge favourite of mine at the moment and I guarantee these will be well worn throughout Summer.

ORBIT caged heels

I tend not to buy heels, I definitely can’t wear anything with a thin heels as I find them so uncomfortable. If I do opt for a pair of heels I like to go for chunky ones, they’re much more sturdy and I actually find them really comfortable. These shoes really took my attention and although the heel isn’t huge, they would still look nice to dress up a casual outfit. The colour would really fit in well with my wardrobe at the moment.


Mouse face ballet flats

If you’ve read my recent post on bags then you’ll know that I’ve become a real sucker for novelty accessories. These shoes unfortunately aren’t in my size anymore as they’re in the sale for £12.50 but they are the cutest shoes ever. I’m not officially on the lookout for any shoe of this sort so PLEASE let me know if you come across any

What shoes are you loving for Spring/Summer?

Thanks for reading,

Tori Moore xoxo