My skincare journey..

Good Evening beauties,

This is a post that I’m a little nervous for, but I am so impressed with my recent results that I just had to share it with you all.

I’ve never ever had good skin, for as long as I remember I have always suffered with redness, blemishes and verging on spot acne. I have been through hundreds of skin care products and the products which always used to work for me were from The Body Shop, they would clear up my skin for a while and it was almost as if they stopped having an effect on me after using them for a couple of weeks and then my skin would go back to a horrible mess. I didn’t used to take pictures of myself without make up as I hated what I saw so you’ll just have to take my word for how bad my skin was but here is what my skin looks like at the moment, it’s definitely not perfect but it is a million times better than it used to be.

Photo on 31-07-2016 at 11.24 #3

After many years of trial and error, I was introduced to the Seaweed collection at The Body Shop. This has changed everything, I started to use the products on a daily basis after finding out my skin type was combination/oily and I’d had a lot of recommendations for this range.


My morning routine starts with the ‘Purifying Cleanser’ and then I use the ‘Gel Day Cream’, this day moisturiser dries so quickly so I don’t find myself having to wait for ages before I can apply my make up. My evening routine starts with the ‘Deep Cleansing Facial Wash’, followed by the ‘Oil-Control Overnight Gel’ and I use the clay mask around twice a week.

If you suffer with similar issues to me when it comes to your skin then I cannot recommend this range enough (as well as making a super special effort to drink lots of water!!!!), it’s not overly expensive and The Body Shop often have discounts floating around. Find the range here:

Thank you for reading,

Tori Moore xoxo



Skincare Suggestions, please?!

Hey lovelies,

I need your help! I recently went for a facial and the lovely lady advised me that I have combination skin. Oily forehead and cheeks and the rest of my face is relatively dry. I’ve always used a mix of skincare products, mainly The Body Shop as I’ve always got on with their natural ingredients.

I would love you to help me test out some new products that would be suitable for my skin. The lady that worked in the Spa also advised me to put a mud mask on my face once a week, does anyone know of a good natural mud mask as I’ve never purchased one before? Also I have sensitive skin, so it has to be able to work with that too!

Thank you in advance you lovely people,

Tori Moore xoxo