What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hello lovlies,

I cannot believe that Christmas was already 2 weeks ago, I can tell this year is going to go just as fast as 2016. Anyway, I love reading posts on what people got for Christmas as it gives me inspiration on what to buy other people for any upcoming birthdays or special occasions. A lot of the items I was bought for Christmas have either been put away or eaten so I have just captured the presents that I had around.

First of all is what I got from Jake. He spoilt me rotten again this year, as he always does. Without going into massive amounts of detail the present’s that he bought me are below. The most special one being the tattoo voucher, my favourite tattoo artist in Norwich works at ‘Ink Addiction’ and he had remembered the times that I’d mentioned how I’d love her to do my first tattoo.


Below were the two main presents from my parents. It makes me laugh when I think back to Christmas day and how excited I was when I opened these presents, they are such Adult things to get excited over but they are 100% the best items we could have asked for and they have absolutely transformed our apartment.

I had to show you guys this candy sushi, it was from Jake’s Nan and Grandad and I just thought it was awesome!


I was incredibly lucky this Christmas and I never take for granted how generous my friends and family are.

Let me know what you got for Christmas!

Tori Moore xoxo

Spring/Summer shoe wishlist

Hey beauties,

Payday was this week and of course I’ve found myself on Asos nearly everyday since. I’ve now developed a wish list of about £1000 and after looking through it I’ve realised the majority of it is shoes. I just thought I’d share a few pairs I’m looking to buy, the weather here in England at the moment is so hit and miss. I’m hoping that soon the sun will start to show and I’ll be able to spend my days in some gorgeous summer shoes.

Rose gold flat shoes

Everything about these shoes excites me so much! The pointed toes, strap around the ankle and obviously the rose gold colour. They’re a very reasonable price of £29 and I think they’re a real statement piece in my wardrobe. If you haven’t noticed yet, I really like a simple outfit with accessories and footwear that turn it around.


Pastel pink Toms

I haven’t owned a pair of Toms in a couple of years and I have no idea why not. They have some lovely designs and they’re the most comfortable Summer shoes I have ever worn. Pastel pink is a huge favourite of mine at the moment and I guarantee these will be well worn throughout Summer.

ORBIT caged heels

I tend not to buy heels, I definitely can’t wear anything with a thin heels as I find them so uncomfortable. If I do opt for a pair of heels I like to go for chunky ones, they’re much more sturdy and I actually find them really comfortable. These shoes really took my attention and although the heel isn’t huge, they would still look nice to dress up a casual outfit. The colour would really fit in well with my wardrobe at the moment.


Mouse face ballet flats

If you’ve read my recent post on bags then you’ll know that I’ve become a real sucker for novelty accessories. These shoes unfortunately aren’t in my size anymore as they’re in the sale for £12.50 but they are the cutest shoes ever. I’m not officially on the lookout for any shoe of this sort so PLEASE let me know if you come across any

What shoes are you loving for Spring/Summer?

Thanks for reading,

Tori Moore xoxo




My ‘go to’ shoes..

Hey guys,

I LOVE my shoes and as much as I wish I could wear heels everyday, I’m much more into my comfy shoes and flats. I just thought I’d write a post on the shoes that I ‘go to’ with any outfit and also where you can buy them.

I’m going to start off with one of the reasons I wanted to write this post, to show off my new babies! I saw these last year and everywhere I looked, these were sold out. Until a couple of weeks ago I saw an ad come up on the internet showing these beauties, I instantly clicked on them and got my card out ready to buy them, I didn’t even care how much they were going to cost me. Luckily for me, the only had 1 pair left, which were in my size and they were in the sale at Office for £35!! Rose gold is my absolute favourite at the minute and I just couldn’t say no.


These next pairs are my main ‘go to’ shoes, I find them super comfortable and think they look good with anything from jeans to skirts.The ones on the right are Schuh own brand, they cost £25 and I can’t wait to wear these when it gets a little warmer with some light denim jeans, I can already tell I’m going to get lots of wear out of these. The ones in the middle are from New Look, I got these in the sale for about £6. These took a long time to wear in as the material is quite hard, however I think they are a gorgeous statement piece. They can glam up a plain outfit and I find it so hard to turn down something with all over glitter. Finally, the ones on the right are from Primark and cost around £4, these speak for themselves, I wear a lot of black and these will go with everything. I’ve already worn these a lot and they were really easy to wear in, the only problem I faced was the sizing of them, I am a size 3 and I found them quite big so would recommend trying them on beforehand.

slip ons1slip ons2














Finally, I have my Vans, I have gone through so many black Authentic pairs but fancied something a little different so got these beautiful glitter Sk8-hi’s from Schuh, these cost around £60. I had seen a few different designs on vans recently, none of them really took my fancy but as I stated earlier, I can never say no to anything glittery so I just knew I had to have them. They also do some slip-on versions but decided these would add a little more diversity to my shoe collection.

vans closevans








So, those were my ‘go to’ shoes and I absolutely love them. As I said previously, I am a huge van of comfy shoes and who says flats can’t be glamourous?! I hope you liked the post and I would love to hear any recommendations you may have!

Tori Moore xoxo

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