Hello guys,

Now going back to around June 2016 me and Jake officially purchased our first property together and on 28th October 2016 we completed on the apartment and moved in the week after.

It was a tough period as not only did we have things to sort out with our new place we also had a lot going on in our personal lives that had complicated the whole process. We felt so emotional when the keys were placed in our hands as we had worked so hard to get to this point and felt a massive accomplishment.

We are slowly but surely getting there with decor however the place does feel a bit bare now our Christmas decorations have been taken down. Here are some pictures from the day we completed and I will be sure to do a tour of the apartment once the decor has been sorted and we FINALLY have pictures on the wall!


Thanks for reading,

Tori Moore xoxo



Hello beautiful people,

I’m sure the heading explains a lot, but this is the main reason I’ve been pretty AWOL the last couple of weeks. Me and Jake are officially home owners and have purchased our first home together.

It’s a new build property and it isn’t scheduled to be completed until September/October, however today we have exchanged contracts and are now legally bind. The past month or so has been super busy, we’ve been making soooooo may adult decisions from choosing kitchen interior and tiling to arranging signatures on forms for solicitors. Working weekdays has meant that my usual down time at the weekends has been taken over by adult arrangements but it has been SO worth it.

I am so grateful that we’ve been able to buy our first home together, especially before our wedding next May. Having a fiance working for Ikea is a little too convenient  when it comes to purchasing a property and I am LOVING creating a loooonnngggg shopping list on the website.

This is the main reasons I wanted to start blogging, to document special moments. I just never believed they would all come so close to each other!

If any of you have any modern room inspo then PLEASE help a girl out.

Tori Moore xoxo