Favourite of the Week: Don Broco -Everybody

Hello lovelies,

Hope you’ve all had an awesome week, I wanted to write a quick post on my favourite of this week. I have not stopped listening to this song and had to find away to share it with everyone.

Don Broco are known for their alternative music, their songs can range from funk, alternative rock through to post-hardcore. I honestly believe there is a song for everyone and it’s such feel good music.

The most recent song is ‘Everybody’, which has been released just before their upcoming tour, which I have the excitement of attending in a couple of weeks. There is not much I can say about the song other than you HAVE to listen to it for yourself. Here is the link to the youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6JZ6IgCKKo

Thanks for reading

Tori Moore xoxo




Morphe 35T palette review

Hello lovlies,

I have been MIA for the past couple of weeks, no major reason behind it, I’ve just been super busy and haven’t had much inspiration but I’m hoping now life has calmed down a bit that I’ll be able to put a lot more time aside for my blog posts.

This post is another review of an eye shadow palette, it is the Morphe 35t. I have wanted a Morphe palette for a while and had been eyeing this one up for the past month or so. I was a little sceptical on this palette as a lot of pictures that I saw, the shades looked really similar and I wondered if it was a bit of a waste of money. I ended up buying the palette after figuring that I could never have enough rose gold/brown toned shades, as that’s all I usually wear anyway.


I took a picture of the eye shadows in the sun light so you can see the glitter/shimmer in some of the colours. It has an impressive mix of shimmer, metallic, satin and matte shades. You can produce a nice subtle eye as well as a full out glam look and that is something I really like in a palette. The formula of the eye shadows is very creamy, which makes applying these an absolute dream.

Lastly, the price, I cannot begin to describe how good value for money this palette is. I got it off Beauty Bay  and it cost £18.25 with free delivery, there are 35 shades so this works out to 52p a shade. The palette arrived 2 days after placing the order so if you’re ever wondering whether to make a purchase on Beauty Bay, I would definitely recommend the service.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think of the Morphe products, is there anything else you think I’d love?

Tori Moore xoxo



Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette..

Happy Sunday everyone!

I know I’m pretty late to this one but I wanted to write a post on my thoughts of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye palette. I purchased this palette about a month ago, from Debenhams for £39.

All of the colours in this palette are super wearable and after using this palette pretty much everyday since I bought it I have created lots of different looks and managed to use every shade, there is a nice variation of shimmers and mattes. My favourite shades have to be Haute Chocolate, Marzipan and Black Forest Truffle.

The palette is inspired by Too Faced’s Chocolate Bronzers, with the added bonus of the products ACTUALLY smelling of chocolate. Sometimes that can be overwhelming at 6:30am when you’re getting ready for work, but it’s a really unique trait.

Another thing I love about the product is the large mirror it comes with along the top, I really like my palettes to have a mirror as they’re super handy for when you’re on the go.

Let me know if you have this product, and if you’d recommend anything else from Too Faced as I’m pretty new to the brand.

Tori Moore xoxo




Favourite of the week – Zoella Beauty

Evening guys!

This weeks favourite is the Zoella beauty range as a whole. My all time favourite product I own from that range is the hand cream, it is so creamy and smells amazing. It soaks in really well and keeps my hands moisturised for ages, not to mention the packaging! Pink and rose gold is always a good combination.

hand cream.jpg

I also have the Blissful Mistful spritz which smells so fresh and reminds me of bubble baths. The solid fragrance I have is also in the same scent and perfect for chucking it in my bag and using it on the go.

I would definitely recommend this range to anyone wanting some freshly scented beauty products for a reasonable price. I’ve seen hints of new products to be released from Zoella soon so lets hope they’re are as impressive as these ones!

Do you have any of these products? What is your favourite product this week that you just can’t get enough of?

Tori Moore xoxo




Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review


So as promised in my last post, I am going to do a review on the Kylie Jenner lip kits. I recently purchased Candy K and Kourt K. Candy K is the only one I’ve worn out for a full day but all of the colours are the same formula.

If I’m being honest, I wish I hadn’t of bought Kourt K as one of my first shades, I think Koko K and Posie K are much more my colours and wearable shades. I thought Kourt K was going to be a slightly lighter, more electric purple like the Mac shade ‘Heroine’. I do love the colour but I think I’m going to have to wait until Summer and to get a tan before I can brave wearing it out. Anyone who can pull off dark, autumnal colours then this shade is definitely for you.

Candy K on the other hand is 100% my colour and I absolutely LOVE it. I’d say it was more brown toned than what I thought but it is such a nice colour and I think it would suit all hair colours and skin tones. It’s like a ‘your own lips, but better’ shade.

You cannot fault the staying power in these products. I wore Candy K from about 9am – 8pm and it survived train journeys, hours of shopping and a meal out too. When I came to topping it up in the evening it had slightly worn away on the side of my lips but other than that I was really happy with how it looked.

Overall, I’m really pleased I bought these and I can’t wait to collect more shades. They are pretty pricey and came to about £65 for both of them (including delivery and customs). I have tried another brands liquid lipstick since getting these and you can definitely tell the difference in how they dry, the pigmentation and of course the staying power.

I’d love to know what you guys think if you’ve purchased any of these.

Thanks for reading,

Tori Moore xoxo

Miss Sporty: Review

Hey guys,

A couple of weeks ago I purchased my first lot of Miss Sporty products in their 3 for £5 promotion. In the blog post I said I’d use the products for a week or so and then give my review, so here it is…

First for the ‘Perfect Stay 10 Hour Liquid Concealer’, I really like the texture of this concealer, really creamy and I think it does the job on blemishes, however I don’t like how little choice there is with colours, I believe there is just a light and dark colour and the light colour is definitely not as light as I normally go for. I like a light concealer to really give a brightening effect under my eyes however this doesn’t do that. For the price and putting solely on blemishes, I would recommend. If you’re looking for a highlighting concealer then this is not the one you want.

I also purchased the ‘Fabulous Eyes Glossy Shadow’ in the shade Peanut butter. I think this was my favourite out of all three products. It has a really creamy texture and blends well, they have various shades and I actually think this product gives the ‘Rosie for Autograph’ eye shadow stick a run for its money. This is a definite recommendation from me.

Finally, the ‘Instant Lip Colour and Shine’ stick in a deep pink/red. I used this nearly every day for a solid week or so and I LOVE it, the texture is so moisturising and I struggle a lot with dry and chapped lips so this was perfect. I forgot to reapply for a few hours but even when taking a look at it, it still had a gorgeous even colour over the lips. I do want to get this in a different, more neutral colour as I didn’t realise it would be this pigmented and be such a bold colour. There are 5 different shades to chose from, including a couple of plum colours, a nude and a deep brown.

Here is a picture with all three products on and here is the link to my initial reactions to the products: https://torimoorexblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/miss-sporty-3-for-5/

If any of you have these products then let me know what you thought of them,

Tori Moore xoxo