What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hello lovlies,

I cannot believe that Christmas was already 2 weeks ago, I can tell this year is going to go just as fast as 2016. Anyway, I love reading posts on what people got for Christmas as it gives me inspiration on what to buy other people for any upcoming birthdays or special occasions. A lot of the items I was bought for Christmas have either been put away or eaten so I have just captured the presents that I had around.

First of all is what I got from Jake. He spoilt me rotten again this year, as he always does. Without going into massive amounts of detail the present’s that he bought me are below. The most special one being the tattoo voucher, my favourite tattoo artist in Norwich works at ‘Ink Addiction’ and he had remembered the times that I’d mentioned how I’d love her to do my first tattoo.


Below were the two main presents from my parents. It makes me laugh when I think back to Christmas day and how excited I was when I opened these presents, they are such Adult things to get excited over but they are 100% the best items we could have asked for and they have absolutely transformed our apartment.

I had to show you guys this candy sushi, it was from Jake’s Nan and Grandad and I just thought it was awesome!


I was incredibly lucky this Christmas and I never take for granted how generous my friends and family are.

Let me know what you got for Christmas!

Tori Moore xoxo

An explanation and my new year goals…

Hello loves,

So 3 months ago I composed a post saying how I was back and would stop being slack and just concentrate on uploading my blog posts once a week etc. Well you guessed it, shit hit the fan again and unfortunately the end part of my year wasn’t a great one.

Last night I laid in bed chatting with my fiancé and realised how much I missed writing blog posts and also reading blogs. It gave me a real hobby and was giving me a chance to sit down, even for 20 minutes, and have some real me time and just get lost into reviewing a product or reading a blog post about something I am really interested in. So I’ve decided that I really want to concentrate on my blog this year and get it out to as many people as possible. I’m giving it a real makeover and I hope the current followers I have can support me in getting up and running again.

I’m not a massive one for new years resolution as I am a big believer that you shouldn’t wait for one single day of the year to pledge the ‘new year, new me’ idea, however this year I have given myself a few points to focus on and here they are:

  • Don’t get sucked into the drama/gossip and avoid anyone giving off them negative vibes
  • Don’t rely on anyone to make yourself happy – you’re the only one that can look after yourself properly
  • Get the decor sorted in our new apartment!! (WHY IS ALL THE HOMEWARE I LIKE SOO EXPENSIVE?!)
  • Start putting money away to organise holidays and weekends away

I’d love to hear what goals you’ve given yourself this year!

Thanks for reading and I promise I won’t be this shit again,

Tori Moore xoxo

What I Got For My Birthday..

Hello guys!

My birthday was a few weeks ago now but I’ve only just put everything away and really been able to appreciate how lucky I was! I thought I’d do a little post to show you all what I was gifted, I’m unable to write about everything I was bought, as I said i was extremely lucky and received lots, but here are a few.

I was lucky enough to receive two amazing perfumes from my fiancé, Jake. He bought me the Jo Malone ‘Earl Grey and Cucumber’ cologne and the YSL Black Opium. These are very different scents and although the Jo Malone one sounds super strange it is actually one of the most beautiful and feminine scents I own.


Along with the perfumes, Jake also bought me the Zoeva ‘Complete Eye Brush Set’, this came with 12 eye brushes and a gorgeous little bag to put them in. I haven’t stopped using these since my birthday and I cannot believe how applying my eye make up has improved, it is definitely down to these beauties.

I received a Fitbit Alta from my parents, now the wedding is getting closer I am needing to step up the exercise game. What I love about this is the leaderboard, it encourages me to do more exercise as I don’t want to be bottom! My parents also bought me two tickets to meet Tanya Burr in Norwich this coming Sunday, which I am VERY excited about


My younger brother bought me a really thoughtful present, it is a rose gold chain bracelet with my initial and birth stone as charms. I absolutely loved this and I’m still convinced he MUST have had some sort of help as what 18 year old boy can get a present so right?! (I couldn’t take a good picture of my one so here’s a picture from the website)


I am so thankful for all the presents and money I received, I thought that turning 22 I wouldn’t receive as many gifts yet every year I am always spoilt rotten!

Hope you enjoyed reading, let me know if you have any of these products and what you think of them!

Tori Moore xoxo






OOTD – Summer casual

Hey guys,

As some of you will know, here in the UK we don’t have a solid Summer. It can be blasting sun and heat one minute and the next we’ll be soaked by heavy rain. Even on the brightest of days I still don’t have much confidence in the weather to go out in shorts or vest tops.

I thought I’d do a little OOTD post with an outfit I’ve been leaning towards a lot recently in this crazy bipolar weather. It’s super comfortable, affordable and a casual day-to-day outfit choice.

Top – Primark £13ish (They also do it in other colours like pink)

Jeans – Topshop Joni Black ripped jeans £38

Shoes – Schuh own brand slip on £25

Bag – Accessorise (Not available anymore)

Sunglasses – ASOS Quay Australia (Not available anymore)

Necklace – Kit Heath £60

Thanks for reading,

Tori Moore xoxo




Urban Decay does Alice in Wonderland

Hey beauties,

Now I’m sure all you beauty fans out there are fully aware of this anticipated release that will be coming to the UK this month. UD junkies got the chance to order this from 1st May and from what I gather it sold out pretty quick, I live in England and that unfortunately means I don’t get access to be a UD junkie.

I’d say Urban Decay is my favourite high end beauty brand and there isn’t one product I’ve used that I’m not impressed with. When this launch got revealed I literally squealed with excitement. The packaging and the shades of both lipstick and eye shadow just got me so excited to buy this and although some shades aren’t massively wearable in the palette, I’m super excited to experiment with some colour in the Summer.


It is still unclear when this is out in the UK, however they have confirmed it will be before 27th May, when the brand new Alice in Wonderland film hits cinemas. If you’re interested in this range to then head to ‘Feel Unique’ and register to receive an email once they’re out.

I definitely want to get my hands on the eye shadow palette and ideally I’d love all the lipsticks too, however the main 2 I want to purchase are Mad Hatter (bright purple shimmer) and Alice (nude shimmer). If I don’t get my hands on any of these I’m going to be one super unhappy girl!


Do you live in the US and have gotten your hands on these already? Let me know!

Tori Moore xoxo





A few of my favourite things: April

Hey beauties,

It’s bank holiday Monday and that time again so check out my favourites from the past month:

1. Helen Anderson’s vlogs

I love watching vlogs on youtube and recently I’ve been a daily watcher of Helen Anderson’s. She is actually from my hometown Norwich, England and we share a few mutual friends. Her vlogs are my idea of a perfect length, they usually last anything from 5-15 minutes and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who enjoys alternative, beauty and lifestyle videos.

2. Jo Malone fragrances

These are the only fragrances I’ve used that keep their scent on me all day and they’re such personal and deep fragrances. I own ‘Pomegranate Noir’ which is a dark and fruity fragrance and the new limited edition ‘Nashi Blossom’ scent which is perfect for spring, it’s fruity, fresh and has real hints of citrus in. If you’re ever in a situation where you want a new and different perfume then head straight to Jo Malone, they’re a little pricey but you will NOT be disappointed!

3.The Jungle Book

I really didn’t know what to expect from this film as beforehand I had heard it was much more action based and a couple have people had said that they thought I’d be disappointed. It’s a Disney film and I was willing to take the risk of not liking it, but oh wow I was DEFINITELY not disappointed! It still both the classic songs in there and I knew I enjoyed it because I didn’t check the time once, whereas with films I don’t think much of I’m counting down the minutes until it ends. I recommend this film to anyone, although it was a little jumpy for a PG!


4. Ikea

This is a really random and weird favourite but my fiancé works in our local Ikea and with the discount he gets I cannot get off their website. They have some really good quality, bespoke options and the new interior theme I want to go for is quite minimalistic and modern so Ikea is perfect for that.

5. Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay lipstick in Firebird

I have never come across a shade like this and it’s so gorgeous. I always used to use safe colours in lipstick until my mum told me to embrace my large lips and to start using more fun colours. This is a bold and bright fuchsia pink with strong blue undertones and a gorgeous shimmer. I’ve worn this a few times and the staying power of this is incredible. It has lasted through hours of drinking, eating and other every day activities. She has other shades so if this isn’t for you then I can guarantee one of them is.

6. Scrunchies

These are so 80’s/90’s but I am really loving them at the moment. My hair is super thick and when I’m working I much prefer it tied up and out of my way. Sometimes a pony tail just looks boring and I want to brighten up my whole look, which is where the scrunchy comes in. The two I use most both have bows on, one just plain black and the other is floral. Primark have an amazing range of them for a couple of £.


What have you been loving this month? Thanks for reading,

Tori Moore xoxo

Justin Bieber cover

Happy Sunday everyone!

This is a post I am SUPER nervous about uploading. I have been singing for about 6/7 years now and about 2 years ago I finished a two year course that I studied in ‘performing musician’ at a music college, this is also how I met my fiancé as he’s a drummer! Back then I didn’t have such bad confidence issues as I do now, it was my day to day routine to stand up and sing, both on my own and in bands.

Since I haven’t been involved in a band for a couple of years my self confidence has gone to zero and I want to try and build it back up again because, as well as blogging, singing is my biggest passion. I know that this cover is nothing special, but it is within my comfort zone and hopefully after a few more uploads I’ll then be able to spiral out of that.

I hope you all enjoy the video and constructive criticism is always welcome, please just don’t be mean!

Thank you in advance,

Tori Moore xoxo