Graze Box review and special codes!

Hey guys,

I recently signed up to the Graze Box, this has been popular for quite a while and, to be honest, I’d always thought it was a waste of money. My friend gave me a coupon code to get my 1st, 5th and 10th box for free so thought I’d give it a go.


Basically, I now love this box of goodies! I get a fortnightly subscription, it gives me something to look forward to. You get to chose on the website what you like and don’t like (to avoid you paying for snacks you won’t enjoy) and they arrive at your doorstep with 4 healthy snacks. In the boxes I’ve seen so far they give two sweet and two savoury snacks.

These are £3.99 a month and I love the ease of having readymade healthy snacks to take around with me. If you’re interested in getting yourself a free box then you can use my code of ‘P9JJWLXCB’, this will give you a free 1st, 5th and 10th box.

If you also have this subscription, or you decide to use my code then let me know what you think!

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Pink hair, don’t care

Hey guys,

So, this morning I went shopping (standard weekend) and ended up in Superdrug, I saw the new ‘Pixie Lott Paints’, they were on offer for £3.99 and I loved the colours! The products themselves are meant to last between 2-10 washes so it’s good that you can see these colours on your own hair without it being permanent. They had a choice of pastel colours; grey/blue, blue, pink and lilac. I chose the pink colour as I’ve always wanted to see what it’d look like putting some pale pink on the ends of my hair, as they are the blondest part.

I got home and decided to give it a go, the process is so easy. You just wet, shampoo and towel dry the hair you want to dye, pop the gloves on and evenly apply the ‘paint’. The colour is almost instant and you leave the dye on for 15 minutes, rinse the hair and there you go… pink hair! The scent of the dye is gorgeous and the tube is really large, I have nearly half left over so I get to use it again. Another aspect I loved about these paints is the ‘fade out’ product you get, you get two small sachets and these are meant to be used it you want a slightly faded version of the pink. You apply these once the dye has been done.

I’d 100% recommend this product!

Here are a couple of pictures of the before, during and after process (excuse the messy top afterwards!)


Photo on 02-04-2016 at 14.49


hair during


hair done1hair done

hair mirror

Thanks for reading,

Tori Moore xoxo

My top 5 TV series..

Hey guys,

I’ve really been struggling with blog ideas this week, I’ve been off work due to an illness and have just have a very long, boring week! My favourite time of week is, of course, the weekend. Especially when I get time to sit down with my cuppa and write my blog posts. Today I’ve got a top 5 series and this was SUPER difficult to get down to just 5, but here we go:

  1. The Hills

Now this series is now so old school, I watched this series throughout my teenage life and have all series on box set. This is an American ‘reality’ tv show, a bunch of friends living the dream lives we all hope for. It’s full of drama and I still, to this day, absolutely LOVE it!

The Hills1

2. Gossip Girl

I watched this series about a year or so ago, to think I even considered watching it is absolutely ludicrous. Similarly to ‘The Hills’ it is the dream lifestyle that some of us love, filled with drama. All 6 series are on Netflix so there waiting for you to binge on. By the way, Blake Lively in this is incredible!

Gossip Girl

3. Pretty Little Liars

This is an ongoing series and as much as it is the most infuriating program ever I just can’t help but love it. There have been episodes I’ve had to watch with my hand over my eyes because I’m terrified and places where I’ve cried the whole 45 minutes. I cannot recommend this series enough, but it will make you think all kinds of crazy thoughts throughout the different plots.

Pretty Little Liars

4. The Good Wife

This is a series I watched a while ago but now more series have been released on Netflix I’m actually in the process of re-watching the whole thing again, as each series has about 20 odd episodes and so much goes on, its so easy to forget the details. Another drama filled series but if you’re looking for a series to keep you going for a while I’d recommend this every day.

The Good Wife

5. Making a Murderer

Now this is a controversial one, I’ve been reading so many opinions on this series and all of which I’ve taken with a pinch of salt. I’ve taken it on face value and I certainly know what I think. Anyone who knows me will know that anything criminology related is up my street and I personally cannot wait for series 2 which has just been announced.

Making a Murderer

If any of you have any series you think I would be interested in after reading my top 5 then please let me know, and if you’ve seen any of the above series let me know your thoughts.

Tori Moore xoxo

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Yankee Candle Collection

Hey guys,

I am absolutely obsessed with candles at the moment and thought it was about time I wrote a post on the ones I’m loving. Now I have way too many favourite scents and brands to talk about so I thought I’d narrow it down to just Yankee Candle as I think they’re a brand you just can’t go wrong with.


First of all I want to talk about the Christmas scents, I don’t want to talk about them too much as I know they’re now going to be discontinued and they don’t often repeat scents the following year. I had 3 favourite scents in the 2015 range, these were ‘Christmas Eve’, ‘Red Apple Wreath’ and ‘Candy Cane Lane’. They are all pretty sweet smells and ‘Red Apple Wreath’ is a gorgeous spiced apple scent that stays around for hours once you’ve burned it for a while. Luckily I was able to get my jars half the price, in the new years sales.


I also have an oil burner and have been purchasing a lot of wax melts, these are around £2 and my favourite way of testing scents. My favourite ones so far are ‘Clean Cotton’, ‘Lemongrass and Ginger’ and ‘Honey Blossom’, these happen to all be really fresh scents. I find that clean cotton in particular can be really over powering if left to burn for any longer than about an hour. The oil burner itself is gorgeous to look at and my favourite way to burn the candles.

The final two candles I wanted to talk about are ‘Wedding Day’ and ‘Shea Butter’, now ‘Wedding Day’ is a special scent, it was brought by my brother and his fiance for Christmas and I can’t bring myself to burn it yet. ‘Shea Butter’ was bought for me on Valentines Day by Jake, I love this scent and had been debating whether to buy it for a couple of months. It smells of a really light coconut body butter, such a good mix of sweet and fresh.7sAUChce

Because I’m such a candle enthusiast Ive also decided to have some Wedding Day candles dotted around our venue on our big day, I just couldn’t resist!

Let me know some scents/brands that you guys are loving, I’m constantly on the look out for newbies!

Tori Moore xoxo

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