Tanya Bakes (and the book signing!)

Hello guys,

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to go to Tanya Burr’s book signing for her new book ‘Tanya Bakes’, it was a great experience. My sister and I had to wait around for a couple of hours but when we met her she said she loved my lipstick so I’d say it was worth it.


In this post I really wanted to concentrate on the book itself. I love baking,  I’m still learning and half the things I bake usually don’t turn out as they should, but I find it really therapeutic. There is something about buying the ingredients, shutting yourself in the kitchen and just getting lost in the recipes.

 This is like no other baking book I’ve seen, the attention to detail is brilliant and you can tell this wasn’t a rushed product. The recipes are really up my street and I honestly don’t think there is a recipe in there that I wouldn’t or couldn’t attempt. There are 8 different sections in the book, anything from baked pizzas to an impressive looking celebration cake.

I think my first 2 projects for this weekend are the Salted Nutella Cookies and the Cheese Scones as they both look amazing and I can already tell they will be a favourite with my fiancé and family.

 I would definitely recommend picking up this book if you’re a fan of baking as there are recipes for beginners and for people willing to take on a complex bake.

 Thanks for reading you lovely people, and let me know if you’ve read this book!

Tori Moore xoxo



Easter treats

Hey guys,

So yesterday I made some Easter Cornflake cakes, they’re so simple but so delicious and I thought I’d show you my finished products and also the ingredients I used. I love baking but I go through A LOT of trial and error as I’m still new to it all.


So I started off with the following ingredients:

  • 100g of Dairy Milk Chocolate
  • 50g Unsalted Butter
  • 100g of Cornflakes
  • Enough Mini Eggs for 2 per cake
  • Lakeland Vanilla frosting (to tack the mini eggs down)

I also had some super cute Easter themed cupcake cases and little flags that I poked into my cornflake cakes. These were from poundland so they were really well priced for the quality.

I’m sure you guys get the method of making these cakes but its just a matter of melting the unsalted butter and chocolate together, then carefully and slowly adding the cornflakes. I put the mixture in the cases and put the muffin tray in the fridge for around an hour. Took them out and applied a very small bit of frosting to each Mini Egg and stuck them the cakes.

Final Cakes

Cake 1

Let me know any other quick and easy baking recipes you guys have,

Thanks for reading

Tori Moore xoxo

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