What I Got For My Birthday..

Hello guys!

My birthday was a few weeks ago now but I’ve only just put everything away and really been able to appreciate how lucky I was! I thought I’d do a little post to show you all what I was gifted, I’m unable to write about everything I was bought, as I said i was extremely lucky and received lots, but here are a few.

I was lucky enough to receive two amazing perfumes from my fiancé, Jake. He bought me the Jo Malone ‘Earl Grey and Cucumber’ cologne and the YSL Black Opium. These are very different scents and although the Jo Malone one sounds super strange it is actually one of the most beautiful and feminine scents I own.


Along with the perfumes, Jake also bought me the Zoeva ‘Complete Eye Brush Set’, this came with 12 eye brushes and a gorgeous little bag to put them in. I haven’t stopped using these since my birthday and I cannot believe how applying my eye make up has improved, it is definitely down to these beauties.

I received a Fitbit Alta from my parents, now the wedding is getting closer I am needing to step up the exercise game. What I love about this is the leaderboard, it encourages me to do more exercise as I don’t want to be bottom! My parents also bought me two tickets to meet Tanya Burr in Norwich this coming Sunday, which I am VERY excited about


My younger brother bought me a really thoughtful present, it is a rose gold chain bracelet with my initial and birth stone as charms. I absolutely loved this and I’m still convinced he MUST have had some sort of help as what 18 year old boy can get a present so right?! (I couldn’t take a good picture of my one so here’s a picture from the website)


I am so thankful for all the presents and money I received, I thought that turning 22 I wouldn’t receive as many gifts yet every year I am always spoilt rotten!

Hope you enjoyed reading, let me know if you have any of these products and what you think of them!

Tori Moore xoxo







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