Skincare Suggestions, please?!

Hey lovelies,

I need your help! I recently went for a facial and the lovely lady advised me that I have combination skin. Oily forehead and cheeks and the rest of my face is relatively dry. I’ve always used a mix of skincare products, mainly The Body Shop as I’ve always got on with their natural ingredients.

I would love you to help me test out some new products that would be suitable for my skin. The lady that worked in the Spa also advised me to put a mud mask on my face once a week, does anyone know of a good natural mud mask as I’ve never purchased one before? Also I have sensitive skin, so it has to be able to work with that too!

Thank you in advance you lovely people,

Tori Moore xoxo




8 thoughts on “Skincare Suggestions, please?!

  1. skinmeticsblog says:

    Body shop also has a seaweed mud mask! I use it all the time as we have the same skin types!
    Use it on your forehead and cheeks (oily areas) and that’ll really help!


    • Tori Moore says:

      I saw that and I’m really tempted to go for it! Have you tried anything else from the sea weed range that you’d recommend? 🙂


      • skinmeticsblog says:

        Nothing else from that range but I’ve also tried the tea tree toner and mat tidying lotion
        If you get shiny then they are perfect for you!


  2. The Patchology face masks are amazing!!! I will be doing a review on them in the best week & also will have a 25% off coupon along with it. It would be great. I have a combination skin also.


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